Betsi Quarantini

'Live life when you have it. Life is a splendid gift, there is nothing small about it.'
In honour of International Nurses Day, which falls on Florence Nightingale's Birthday, 200 years ago this year, we have taken the wonderful cocktail - the Flying Tigre - and modified it a touch to include a waft of Star Anise. Star Anise is a well known remedy for flu like symptoms and we hope you enjoy this small tribute to nurses everywhere.
In the Crimea, along with Florence Nightingale, there was an extraordinary Welsh nurse called Betsi Cadwaladyr. She didn't always see eye to eye with Florence Nightingale but nevertheless she brought her own intuitive style of nursing to the soldiers at Balaclava. Her memoirs are an incredible account of a life well lived from humble beginnings in North Wales to sailing the high seas and then training as a nurse in her late fifties. She was an incredible woman.
52 ml White Rum
22.5 ml The Captain's Wife Gin
7.5 ml Star Anise or Plain Sugar Syrup
(method below)
5 ml Grenadine
3 Dashes of  Angastora Bitters 
Plain Indian Tonic to taste (optional)
Orange peel garnish
Add all the ingredients  (except the tonic) to a cocktail shaker, shake well and pour into a chilled Martini Glass.  Add a little tonic if desired. Add a small disc of orange peel to garnish.
To make Star Anise Sugar Syrup is very easy - simmer a cupful of sugar and a cupful of water with a handful of Star Anise for a few minutes. Cool and then pour into a jar to keep in the fridge. Take the Star Anise out before serving. If Star Anise is not a favourite taste for you then  just use plain sugar syrup. 
Iechyd Da!