Morwyn Spring Gin & Tonic

Starting with a Classic Morwyn Gin & Tonic to introduce the uplifting magic of springtime. Zestful Grapefruit, Sage and Bay released by the sweetness of a plain Indian Tonic Water. Garnished with sweetened Primrose flowers and lemon for a delicate finish!
50 ml Welsh Sisters Morwyn Gin
110ml Indian Tonic Water
Crushed Ice
2 Thin slices of Lemon 
2 Fresh Sage Leaves
Garnished with Frosted Primrose Flowers
(To frost edible Primroses: Pick 2-6 flowers and coat in egg white. Sprinkle with sugar and leave to dry on parchment paper. Can be kept in an airtight container)  
Start with the crushed ice and add in the gin and tonic followed by the lemon,  sage and lastly the gorgeous frosted Primrose flowers.
Top tip: For best flavour, slap the sage to release the oils before adding to the cocktail.
Iechyd Da!