World Gin Day Elderflower Cocktails


As World Gin Day approaches on Saturday June 13th  we will be splashing the elderflower concoctions liberally. Elderflower is a very magical plant that brings a delicacy and sweetness to any gin cocktail. 

Our first choice is a zestful herbal summer gin cocktail centering on thyme,  cucumber and elderflower liqueur. This cocktail is lovely as a long drink with plenty of tonic and ice. As thyme has quite a strong flavour we would recommend experimenting a little with the quantities to your taste.

Thyme and Cucumber Garden Gin

45 ml The Captain's Wife Gin

Splash of  Elderflower liqueur 

Splash of Lime Juice 

Half a Cucumber 

1 sprig of Thyme 

Tonic to taste.


Muddle the cucumber and thyme in a cocktail shaker. Add in Welsh Sisters Gin, lime juice  and liqueur. Shake and serve over ice. Add tonic to taste.Garnish with cucumber, lime or thyme. Iechyd Da!