Mother's Day Cocktail - Bendith y Mamau.



Blessings of the Mothers Cocktail - Bendith y Mamau

The 'Bendith y Mamau' or Blessings of the Mothers are fairy folk that live in the mythological landscape of the Welsh Countryside believed to be the children of Mother Earth. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than with a cocktail that lends itself to dreaming of all that comes from the earth.

This is a special cocktail which incorporates  luscious Absinthe. Absinthe has in the past been associated with degrees of louche behaviour  and nicknamed the Green Devil. Consequently it was banned in the 19th,  and most of the 20th, century in many countries around the world. In the film 'Moulin Rouge'  Absinthe was portrayed as  the  Green Fairy that led all astray but in fact Absinthe is the most refreshing drink  imbibed slowly with water or tonic water so that the oils can  be released and then magically the wonderful botanicals of Wormwood, Fennel and Green Anise make their presence felt. We have combined Absinthe with our The Captain's Wife Gin  and a plain tonic to make a fresh green cocktail for Mothers Day.

Blessings of the Mothers be upon you!


40 ml The Captain's Wife Dry Gin
10 ml Absinthe
100ml of Tonic

Cucumber slivers  to Garnish or Mint Leaves or Swedish Fish Sweets!



In a tall glass add ice cubes, introduce  the gin and absinthe, squeeze the lime and drop in lime slices and cucumber slivers. Or you can add the green Swedish fish sweets to the side of the glass  for something different, or smack Mint leaves to release the aroma and garnish with more green.  

Another lovely alternative Gin Cocktail using Absinthe is the Absinthe Gimlet as created by Tara Garnell at The Cabinet Room, London.

45 ml Dry Gin
15 ml Absinthe
15 ml Lime Cordial 
7.5 ml Lime Juice 
15 ml Chilled water
Lime wedge to garnish
Shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and fine strain into a chilled coupe glass.
Garnish well with Lime slices.
Iechyd Da!
Happy Mother's Day!
Sul y Mamau Hapus!