Winter Gold Negroni

We have been experimenting with edible gold leaf here at Welsh Sisters. It's a tricky, whimsical garnish but has an undeniable 'wow' factor. We've also turned up the volume of the colour on our Negroni and Astoria Cocktails by using Balsazar Red Vermouth and adding redcurrants. All possibly a bit over the top but have a go and tweak away!
30ml The Captain's Wife Dry Gin
30ml Campari 
30ml Balsazar Red Vermouth 
Slices of orange to Garnish 
Edible Gold Leaf
Optional - Indian Tonic to top up 
In preparation for this beautifully hued Negroni put the redcurrants in the freezer.   
Add together Gin , Vermouth and Campari and stir slowly. Add a slither of orange or as much as required and, if desired, add ice.
Garnish with frozen redcurrants  and sprinkle edible gold  leaf over the surface. Top up with tonic if desired. 
This is quite a potent mixture!
This is a post prohibition cocktail created at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel , New York in 1931. But we have turned up the dial!!
60ml Balsazar Dry Red Vermouth 
30 ml The Captain's Wife Dry Gin
Lemon Zest 
Dash of Angastura Bitters 
Lemon slice 
Edible gold leaf 
Run the lemon wedge around the rim of a Martini glass. With tweezers add the gold leaf to the edge of the glass. Carefully add ice, Vermouth and Gin in a mixing glass and double strain into the prepared glass. Garnish with lemon zest or/and lemon twist.