Our Story

Welsh Sisters is a family company which produces award-winning contemporary Welsh gin. We use boldly unconventional botanicals to tell the story of the women who’ve always played a huge part in Welsh coastal communities. We produce small-batch dry gin, handcrafted from a coastal distillery in West Wales and are based in New Quay, a small seaside town with a rich history.

The Welsh Sisters story starts with two sisters (Becky and Tania) who were born in Cardiff and raised on the coast. We inherited our dad’s passion for the sea whether we liked it or not! Fortunately, we did like it, and have never really left. Our father was a captain of square-riggers and windjammers in the West Indies, while our mother is the descendent of the Kidwelly ‘wreckers’. (Wrecking being the art of looting shipwrecks.)  

Women and the Sea

When we started producing our own Welsh gin, we wanted to do more than make it delicious. We wanted to tell the story of women from the past who inspire us in the present. Growing up on the Welsh coast, we were always aware of the women who’ve played such an important role in these communities. Their stories have remained hidden for some time so we wanted to help uncover their history and celebrate these iconic women. We’re here today because of their bravery and courage!

Our Shop

Our ‘Emporium on the Hill’ in New Quay is Manchester house – which is an old draper’s shop – at the top of the cliff perched village.  Welsh Sisters Gins are available to buy from the shop and from here we ship out into the world

Manchester House is rumoured to have been the shop that the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas used as an inspiration for the draper’s shop in the village of  Llareggub in his play for voices - ‘Under Milk Wood’.  Mr Mog Edwards is “a draper mad with love” eternally for Miss Myfanwy Price who lives at the bottom of the hill, to whom he writes love letters and who he never meets.

Dylan Thomas moved to New Quay in 1944 with his family and started to write ‘Under Milk Wood’ as well as ‘Quite Early One Morning’. 'Quite Early One Morning' is an evocative account of his walk through the town early in the morning starting from Majoda, his small bungalow, overlooking the beach at  Traith Gwyn.

Our gin tasting bar and shop is on the Dylan Thomas Trail in New Quay and close to the Welsh coastal path. Do drop in for a ginterlude and  try our small batch gins. 

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Charity

Here at Welsh Sisters we donate 1% of the sale of each bottle of Morwyn and The Captain’s Wife Gin to Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Our joy is to see the Bottle Nosed Dolphins every day in the bay at New Quay and we feel passionate about their welfare and the survival of dolphins and whales worldwide.

We chose Whale and Dolphin Conservation because it is the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of Whales and Dolphins.

In a nutshell WDC believe that whales and dolphins have rights. The right to swim where boats don’t injure them, to swim in clean, natural, noise free waters and  not to be trapped in fishing nets or to be held captive for human entertainment. They have rights to exist as nature intended, not as humans decide and the right to live and not to be hunted.

WDC advocates Plastic Free Seas so we at Welsh Sisters make sure that our bottles and bottle tops are recyclable and as plastic free as possible. We have a sustainability policy which aims to make our packaging as plastic free as possible too.

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Registered Charity (England and Wales) No. 1014705

Registered Charity (Scotland) No. SC040231