The Captain's Wife

The Captain's Wife

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The Captain's Wife is a unique dry gin distilled using fine botanicals, inspired by a Welsh Woman's voyage on the Trade Wind Routes from Wales to South America. A base of fragrant Juniper Berries paired with Andalucian Lemon, Fig and Yerba Mate tea which together lend warmth and longevity to every sip.

Welsh Sisters pay tribute to the tales of brave Welsh women from New Quay that sailed the world with their husbands on brigs, barquentines and sea clippers in the Golden Age of Sail. Our small batch gin reflects these stories of the sea. Legend has it that these women were accomplished enough to take the ship’s wheel in the eye of the storm!

Taste the gin & feel the courage


40% ABV
500ml or 50ml
Welsh Sisters Ltd support Whale and Dolphin Conservation