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Bees Knees -Hwrli Bwm- Gin Cocktail

     BEES KNEES - HWRLI BWM The Captain's Wife version of the classic Bees Knees cocktail we have called the Hwrli Bwm - Bumblebee. It's  a delicious Prohibition-era  cocktail of gin, honey, lemon and orange juice. Initially it was created to mask the dubious quality of the liquor of the day. However its a big winner on a very hot day. As Lavender is the most Bumble Bee friendly flower in the garden we pay tribute to the Hwrli Bwm with a Lavender garnish.   Ingredients 60ml The Captain's Wife Gin 22.5 ml  Freshly squeezed Lemon Juice  15ml Honey Syrup (New Quay Honey Farm - Afon Mel Wildflower Honey) 10 ml  Freshly squeezed Orange juice (optional) Ice  Sprig of Lavender...

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World Gin Day Elderflower Cocktails

  As World Gin Day approaches on Saturday June 13th  we will be splashing the elderflower concoctions liberally. Elderflower is a very magical plant that brings a delicacy and sweetness to any gin cocktail.  Our first choice is a zestful herbal summer gin cocktail centering on thyme,  cucumber and elderflower liqueur. This cocktail is lovely as a long drink with plenty of tonic and ice. As thyme has quite a strong flavour we would recommend experimenting a little with the quantities to your taste. Thyme and Cucumber Garden Gin 45 ml The Captain's Wife Gin Splash of  Elderflower liqueur  Splash of Lime Juice  Half a Cucumber  1 sprig of Thyme  Tonic to taste. Ice  Muddle the cucumber and thyme in...

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Betsi Quarantini

BETSI QUARANTINI 'Live life when you have it. Life is a splendid gift, there is nothing small about it.' In honour of International Nurses Day, which falls on Florence Nightingale's Birthday, 200 years ago this year, we have taken the wonderful cocktail - the Flying Tigre - and modified it a touch to include a waft of Star Anise. Star Anise is a well known remedy for flu like symptoms and we hope you enjoy this small tribute to nurses everywhere. In the Crimea, along with Florence Nightingale, there was an extraordinary Welsh nurse called Betsi Cadwaladyr. She didn't always see eye to eye with Florence Nightingale but nevertheless she brought her own intuitive style of nursing to the soldiers...

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